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--- ! IEUe Tutorial ! ---

This page provides a graphical as well as detailed text instructions to the user to familiarize them with the requirements and functionalities of this web-tool. Please use the sampel sequnce and IEU data files provided, at the end of this page, to explore this tool.

Step 1: Creating the gene sequence file.

The correct sequence (left side green border) should be without any identifier tag which is underlined in red color at the right (wrong sequence preparation type, shown within right side red border).

Step 2: Creating the IEU data containing file.

Each IEU must be separated by a comma (') including the last one (correct format shown in left green border panel). There is no restriction on the number of IEU data per line. However the first one should always starts with the starting co-ordinate value followed by '0S,' and make sure there is no other character other than comma is present. In-appropriate way of presenting the IEU data is shown in red border right panel.

Step 3: Uploading the gene sequence file.

Please remember the only text (.txt) format is allowed for providing both gene sequence and IEU data file.

Please remember to provide only .txt files, else the tool will reject the input file.

Step 4: Uploading the IEU data containing file.

On successful submission of gene sequence file, select the IEU data containing file to upload it to the server.

Output options

On successful upload of both gene sequence and IEU data files, users are provided with two options to choose for output generation.

Interpreting the web output

Browser output showing the detailed characteristics of each IEU. If missing nucleotide is present, the details of base proportion calculation in that case, is provided at the beginning.

A notice highlighting the presence of any kind of logical error. The error also mentions the nature of the error as well as highlights the possible reasons and remedies. Browser output also provides a graphical representation of the exon arrangements in the entire CDS from the view of overlapping/non-overlapping exon. A summary of this exon arrangement is also provided in a tabular form. At the end of web-output, A button provides the users with the option to download the output in the form of a text file. This output is same as the one that could be generated at he previous page, i.e. the page with both output options.

Downloading the output

Outputs in the form of text files (.txt) can either be directly downloaded right after the successful upload of both the input files or can be also downloaded after viewing the output in the browser by clicking the 'Download output as file' button at the end of the page.

Use the following sequence and IEU data files in random combinations to explore the different functionalities of the this online tool.

Either right click on each button and choose 'save link as' to download the text file directly or left click and copy the content of the opening page in a text (.txt) file.

Download Sample 1 IEU data file

Download Sample 2 IEU data file

Download Sample 3 IEU data file

Download Gene sequence 1 file

Download Gene sequence 2 file

Download Gene sequence 3 file