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List of articles that have used this tool.

1. Das, A.; Bhattacharya, S.; Bhattacharjee S.; Bagchi, A. and Dasgupta, R. 2016. Computational analyses of the length and compositional variations of the FNBP4 gene across 10 different species. Gene (Elsevier), 575: 765-777.


This online nucleotide sequence data extraction tool, which primarly focuses on exploring intron, exon and UTR sequence extraction and its base compositional analysis is primarily aimed for research, academic and other not for profit usages which is not directly linked with any kind of financial benefit. The developers retain the copyright of the codes as well as the tool. No section of this tool can be directly reproduced in any form without prior permission either in electronic or written form from the authors. Any other web-server, database or online or offline tool if mentioned in any sections of this tool or its associated publication are primarily intended for better explanation of the functionalities of this online tool and easy understanding of its intended users and readers and thus in no sense bear the intention of its authors and developers to highlight or promote those web-servers, databases or tools.